How should I store cheese?

Cheese should be kept at temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees F. New wrapping should be used each time a cheese is rewrapped. Cheese should be stored in an airtight container to avoid picking up aromas from other foods. Ideally, wrap the cheese with waxed paper and then place in an airtight plastic container. In a pinch, any airtight plastic bag or container will do. Chilled cheeses should be allowed time to warm before serving. Half an hour to an hour should be sufficient. Mold on a cheese does not mean that it is spoiled. Just make a shallow cut from each moldy surface of the cheese so that no mold is visible.

Can I freeze your cheese?

Only our fresh sheep cheese logs freeze well.  Our other products do not freeze well. If you cannot eat it all – take it to work, school or share it to your neighbor.

Is your rennet vegetarian?

Our cheeses are made with traditional rennet which is not vegetarian. We made a decision to use natural rennet because we feel it produces better flavors for aging cheeses.  Our fresh sheep cheese is the exception and we use a vegetarian rennet for all of those.