America’s #1 SheepMilk Yogurt

Our Bellwether Farms Friends tell us why they love our sheep milk yogurt: better taste, better digestion, better nutrition. Learn more about the #thenextmilk

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Organic Cow Milk Yogurt

Using quality Jersey cow milk from neighboring farms, we have created richer, creamier yogurt. Learn how #wholeisbetter

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Sold in its draining basket for protection, this delicious, creamy ricotta is made from full-fat, whole Jersey cow milk. Ricotta the way it’s supposed to be.™

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A Chef’s Secret

Bring complex richness to the simplest recipes. Learn how #wholeisbetter

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Better taste, better digestion, better nutrition. Find us at markets all across US in your local, independent grocery as well as Costco, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

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What’s Your Whole Story?

Since our farmers’ market days, hearing why, when, and how people enjoy our cheese and yogurt has been the best part of our work. Let us hear about you.


I love a cup after a run. It lifts up my energy and sets me up for the next day.

— J.Johnson


My mid-morning snack is one of the best parts of my work day.

— Mary Potter


It’s the best snack for me and my family, who love the variety of flavors.

— Joan Henderson

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Whole is Better

Whether it’s a cup of yogurt, a spread of crème fraiche, or a slice of cheese, everything from Bellwether Farms is whole fat, and wholesome. This includes whole milk from sheep and Jersey cows and organic fruit straight from the orchard.

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